Bidding Instructions

  • Click on the Register tab 1. Click on the Register tab and enter the requested information including a full name, email address, telephone number and a password that you will remember. If you are attending an event please enter your table name or number. If you are not please enter your address.
  • You will receive an email and a text if you entered a mobile number. Please use either of these to click on a link to confirm your registration.
  • To view the available lots in the auction, please click on the view lots tab. Click on the item to view full details of the auction item. Please read carefully to ensure you are happy with the details and you’re bidding on the correct item. The current bid is shown along with the minimum for the next bid.
  • Please enter your bid and your bidding code then click the Place Bid tab. If your bid is successful you will see confirmation that your bid has been accepted. Your bid will then be displayed.
  • Bidders will receive an email to confirm their bid, to tell you when you have been outbid and finally confirmation if you were successful.
  • To make a pledge (this is a donation and not a bid) to the charity click on the Pledge tab and follow the instructions again by using your code.
  • After the auction has closed you will be contacted regarding any payment or delivery/collection. If you are attending an event a member of staff will come to your table or you may be asked to come to a designated point.
  • Good Luck!

Each bid is very important to the charity. We ask that you respect the charities/organisers efforts by only making genuine bids.